Wellington College adopts IRIS Connect

One of the world’s top coeducational schools adopts IRIS Connect.

One of the world’s top coeducational day and boarding schools, Wellington College, are using IRIS Connect to develop a clear and open culture of reflection.

The school has put together a team of learning observers from volunteers across the school, who will be trained to use IRIS Connect.

Starting in September the fully trained team will work with each teacher at least once to encourage self reflection and help firmly embed it in the fabric of the school.

‘We want to develop a clear culture of reflection about pedagogy and teaching practices which is undefended and open.

We want to take the threat and anxiety out of lesson observations so staff can use them to prepare and feel more comfortable with formal observations and performance reviews.

At the moment we’re concentrating on getting IRIS Connect established, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what else we can do with it in the future. Our objective as a school is to ensure that our teaching and learning is excellent as often as it can be.

So the more we encourage individuals to reflect on this the better and I think that IRIS Connect is second to none in enabling teachers to do that.’

Jane Lunnon, Deputy Headteacher.

We’ll be catching up with Jane and speaking to the staff involved to find out how they’ve got on, next year. Keep an eye out on our blog for updates.

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