Teacher Toolkit demonstrates school’s effective use of IRIS Connect to Danish policy makers

Mission to explore best practice

Last month, a delegation from Denmark visited England on a mission to explore best practice in education and teacher professional development (PD). The delegates included members of different municipalities and school leaders responsible for drafting and implementing teacher PD policies.

Because of their particular interest in the use of technology to facilitate contextualised, personalised and collaborative learning, VIA University College, Denmark, had recommend they see IRIS Connect in action during their visit.

The delegates visited several institutions, including UCL’s Institute of Education.

Quintin Kynaston

On Thursday 11th February, the group went to Quintin Kynaston Community Academy in London to hear first-hand from Ross McGill, AKA ‘Teacher Toolkit’, about how the school use IRIS Connect and their effective approach to implementing the system.

Ross explained how the school follow a process of easing-in and starting slowly. Their approach includes voluntary participation, the involvement of technical support from the start and the planning of additional support and upskilling to help teachers feel comfortable giving effective feedback and participating in live in-ear coaching.

The delegates were particularly impressed with the involvement of students in some of the school’s coaching and feedback sessions, which has had a great impact on pupil engagement and learning outcomes.

Teacher toolkit Ross McGill

It was indeed valuable and gave us some great input as to how technology can be applied to CPD. Very inspiring.

We’re currently working with Quintin Kynaston on a case study to bring you more detail about the significant impact on teaching and learning the school have seen using IRIS Connect – watch this space.

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