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Evidence based teaching and learning brought to life

IRIS Connect and SSAT collaborate to make evidence based practices accessible to teachers, any time anywhere

Ground-breaking collaboration between two successful providers of professional development brings government’s aspiration for a ‘world class teaching profession’ one step closer.

IRIS Connect, the market leading professional development platform for teachers, and SSAT, the largest and longest-established schools’ network in the country, have announced a partnership to build and distribute video modules related to SSAT’s Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP) to support teaching excellence.

TEEP, one of the few evidence based teaching and learning programmes, is a holistic approach to school-based professional learning with proven impact on learning outcomes. Schools who received TEEP training in 2012/13 experienced a one-year increase in 5A*-C of 8.8%, compared to the national average of 1.8%.

TEEP validated modules in IRIS Connect

Via IRIS Connect, teachers will able to access exemplar videos and supporting resources, validated by TEEP schools; they can then video and review their own practice, and collaborate with each other to put ideas into practice. The first SSAT module, “Effective Learner Behaviours” is being launched at the Achievement Show, 26th June 2015 and will be available to all IRIS Connect schools to access from this date.

Anne-Marie Duguid, Head of Teaching and Learning at SSAT said:

“SSAT are excited to partner with IRIS Connect in our shared pursuit of supporting teaching excellence for all. TEEP is a whole school framework and training model with learning, collaboration and evidence of what works at its core. These principles are exemplified in these video –based modules which represent an opportunity for teachers not only to clearly observe effective teaching and learning in practice, but to engage with the definition, academic research and a wealth of resources that underpin the practice. The practical learning that this collaboration provides will have genuine impact on the quality of teaching and learning within schools.”

Andy Newell, Founder of IRIS Connect, said:

“The impact of teachers on pupil outcomes has long been identified by research. The recent Teacher Development Trust report, “Developing Great Teaching”, once again highlights the importance of effective professional development as key to effective teaching. Given this, it is amazing that traditional models of training continue to be so widely used when we know they have limited impact on teacher behaviours. This is why we are so excited to collaborate with the SSAT to bring TEEP to a wider audience and support other providers to do the same. Our objective is to use the best technology to make the best professional learning accessible at scale, ease and low cost; this collaboration represents a major milestone on that journey.”

Connecting teachers and experts online

This partnership is part of IRIS Connect’s new content development programme. Working with global professional development experts to produce evidence based content modules, IRIS Connect are making content available via Groups to teachers across their extensive 1,600 school community whilst providing these content partners with a new opportunity to share their expertise.


Contacts for further information

Graham Newell, Director of Education at IRIS Connect
07838 375189 / [email protected]

Jane Birbeck, Head of Marketing and Communications at SSAT
[email protected]

Notes to editors

About SSAT:

SSAT believes that teachers make students’ lives. As the world gets more complex, that vital role becomes ever more demanding. As the hub of the largest, longest-standing network of education professionals in England, SSAT exists to help teachers perform their job even better, more confidently and more professionally than before.

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About IRIS Connect:

  • IRIS Connect is a learning company, rooted in research and focused on providing leading technology and personalised support to ensure the education community sees an impact on outcomes.
  • IRIS Connect are leading in creating an online eco-system for collaborative professional development where teachers can access resources relevant to their needs and bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Teachers are able to reflect on, analyse and share practice using the secure platform and IRIS Connect’s mobile video technology, safe in the knowledge that no one else can access their videos unless they choose to share.
  • Find out more about IRIS Connect’s case studies and research.

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