Showcase expertise with IRIS Connect certificates

We believe that any effort to improve your practice should not go unrewarded, which is why we’ve introduced certificates to IRIS Connect. You and your colleagues can earn them by completing short CPD-related tasks in the platform. Here’s what’s available so far:


Film club certificates

For those of you not familiar with it, film club is a ready-made professional learning programme in the IRIS Connect platform. There are 4 episodes of film club, each one aimed at helping you to develop self-regulating learners by growing a different area of your practice. Each episode has 3 tasks to complete and therefore 3 certificates you can earn:

• The research-led practitioner certificate
• The collaborative practitioner certificate
• The reflective practitioner certificate

All episodes can be found in the Groups Store, under the Groups tab. If you’ve completed an episode (or two) already, fear not! You can still get your certificates by re-visiting the episode and filling in the forms on the new certificate pages that we’ve added. Click here to see what we mean >

Induction certificate

Take just 20 mins to complete the short tasks in these brand new groups to earn your induction certificate. There’s one group for primary teachers and a separate one for secondary teachers.

They are aimed at familiarising all users with what IRIS Connect can do and can be found in the Group Store, under the Groups tab or by clicking here and logging in >


We’ll be working hard to add more certificates to the platform in the future, so watch this space!

Login and start earning certificates today


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