Rocket fuel for teacher led enquiry

Analysis of teaching and learning just got easier with our improved forms tool.

Teachers and school leaders can now measure the impact of strategies and interventions on student learning more effectively using IRIS Connect’s improved forms tool.

The powerful lesson analysis and simple data visualisation that forms provide will help teachers and schools gain a deeper understanding of the practices that improve learning outcomes. It will also help give insight into how to best embed these effective practices in the classroom, something that can then be easily disseminated within their wider community via IRIS Connect.

Data driven improvements to teaching and learning

The improved data collection and analysis tools in IRIS Connect are rocket fuel for the teacher-led enquiry already taking place in schools; enabling teachers to gather objective, contextualised data from their own lesson videos.

Video examples and analysis can also be shared easily and securely with individuals or Groups via IRIS Connect as a scalable and cost effective way to circulate findings. In addition, other teachers can use the same forms to help embed new practices in their own lessons.

An iterative approach to improving teaching and learning has become even more important with the focus on driving forwards a self-improving school-led system through Teaching Schools and other networks. The growth of activities like Lesson Study is an example of how schools are approaching the challenge of system-wide school improvement.

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A great way to end 2015

2015 has been the most exciting year to date for the IRIS Connect platform, which now enables all of the components of effective professional learning, in one place.

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