Opportunities for 25% of all Danish teachers in training to benefit from IRIS Connect


A quarter of Denmark’s trainee teachers will have access to remote support from tutors at VIA University using IRIS Connect. They will also be involved in an extended research project looking at micro-teaching as part of Initial Teacher Education.

Setting the scene

The partnership between VIA University, which was seeded at BETT 2013, started with an extended research project, “Experts in Teaching: IRIS Connect”, which has seen very positive results. The use of IRIS Connect is now being rolled out across other departments in the university and plans are in progress to provide IRIS Connect enabled support to schools in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.

Creating international relationships

IRIS Connect is proud of its growing international collaboration and the formal partnership with a dynamic and forward looking university such as VIA, this underlines the company’s determination to create effective international relationships.

The importance of collaboration

Graham Newell, Director of Education for IRIS Connect, has worked closely with his Danish colleagues for nearly two years. This relationship has confirmed his view that educational systems must collaborate in the sharing and development of best practice at an international level as well as a national level. As this project rolls out to other Scandinavian countries there will be much to discover, develop and share.

The ‘Experts in Teaching’ project looks at supporting trainees to develop the craft of teaching through “micro teaching”. The research includes students:

  • Documenting their own practice
  • Observing their own practice
  • Getting peers and teachers to observe their practice
  • Sharing their new insights with peers and teachers and in turn learning from their peers’ and teachers’ insights (knowledge sharing)
  • Establishing communities of practice
  • Developing through micro-teaching and feedback

The interim report summarised that:

“The video recordings and the use of the IRIS Connect data processing tools seem to open the students’ eyes to aspects of their teaching that they did not notice while they were teaching.”


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