New expertise available in the IRIS Connect Group store

This summer we’ve been collaborating with more education partners to make their expertise accessible via IRIS Connect.

You can now access more teaching and learning research, video examples and resources, via IRIS Connect Groups, to underpin your professional learning. You can even get feedback from experts without paying out for a consultant’s day rate.

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New in the Group Store for September:


Get expert teaching feedback at a fraction of the cost

Share your lesson videos via IRIS Connect with experts from Visible Classroom. They will analyse your videos using rubrics based on Professor John Hattie’s research and provide you with personalised feedback and recommended strategies designed to improve student outcomes.

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Develop pupil problem solving skills in mathematics

Explore and understand the use of bar models and the Bar Logik practice app’s impact on pupils fluency of reasoning. Access video case studies and materials that will help you introduce bar models as a strategy and help students interpret worded mathematical questions.

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Learn how to run effective action research cycles

Access time saving resources, self-evaluation forms and useful videos that will help you to set up, run and evaluate action research cycles. Brought to you by Optimus Education.

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Develop independent, self-regulating learners

Promote and develop independent learning in your classrooms by running IRIS Connect film clubs. We supply you with video clips, resources and questions; you get together to watch, discuss and learn.

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Post compulsory lesson observation videos

Access a collection of lesson observation videos from a post 16 setting to use as a re-usable resource for training and professional development. These videos from Mediamerge give all of your staff the opportunity to dip in and see strategies in action at a time that suits them.

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Build a self-sustaining coaching culture

Get ideas and resources for developing a self-sustaining coaching culture using video. These resources from inspire2teach will help you and your staff to accelerate quality professional development and sustain staff support.

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Do you have expertise to share?

Whether you’re a consultant, training organisation or a great school with expertise and CPD resources to share, you can create a Group in IRIS Connect and make it available to our community.

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