JAMK signs partnership with IRIS Connect

The most sought after Teacher Education College in Finland, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, has recently signed a partnership agreement with IRIS Connect.

JAMK provides teacher training to educators in one of the most highly regarded education systems in the world.

The partnership agreement marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration in which JAMK will use IRIS Connect’s cloud-based video observation system to support their network of trainees. This is the first project of this scale and scope and will provide an exciting model for universities looking to provide really effective support and feedback to student teachers over distance, reducing the time and cost of lesson observation.

As part of the partnership IRIS Connect will be working collaboratively to develop materials that can be accessed by the rapidly growing IRIS Connect community in the UK and in the 12 other countries currently using the system.

“IRIS Connect is fully committed to developing and sharing best practice across the world. We have worked with JAMK for a year and have now formalised this into a full partnership agreement.  JAMK are ‘the most sought after teacher Education College in Finland’ for very good reasons.

Excellence exists in all systems and through this collaborating we are developing a truly synergetic relationship where we can exchange and develop ideas around teaching pedagogy, technology and adult learning in exciting and new ways.  Our working with JAMK will be of mutual benefit and will have a positive impact not only in Finland and the UK but with all our customers across the world.”

Graham Newell, Director of Education at IRIS Connect

“At the JAMK Teacher Education College in Jyväskylä, Finland we have found the IRIS Connect video-based system pedagogically versatile and cost effective way to carry out coaching and mentoring for our teacher students while they are located all over the country.

Our curriculum and training methods are based on collaborative methods, learning circles, peer2peer studying and e-/m-learning environments IRIS Connect fits perfectly as one pedagogically relevant part into our way of working. Partnership with IRIS Connect has given us a possibility to do more and better.”

Markku Rissanen, M. Ed,  Senior Lecturer at JAMK

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