IRIS Connect welcomes EEF report on video technology


IRIS Connect, the market leading video CPD tool for reflection, coaching and collaboration, has welcomed the EEF (Education Endowment Foundation) report ‘IRIS Connect: Developing classroom dialogue and formative feedback through collective video reflection”.EEF Logo

IRIS Connect and Whole Education partnered in the project, which looked at the impact of using IRIS Connect alongside a film club programme to improve primary school teachers’ use of classroom dialogue and feedback between January and July 2016.

Researchers from Birmingham University independently evaluated the pilot project, involving 12 primary schools.

They identified the that:

  • The overwhelming majority of participants felt that the intervention had improved their teaching with over 95% saying they had changed their practice as a consequence
  • Participants cited more collaboration, more open questions and dialogue with children, and more emphasis on feedback with pupils
  • Participants believed that the intervention was a good use of their time
  • The report showed strong evidence that the film clubs promoted discussion of teaching and learning
  • Over 70% of participants found film club made them more likely to reflect on their own practice

A more detailed summary of the report findings can be read here >


Christophe Mullings, Head of Education at IRIS Connect, said:

We welcome today’s report from the EEF – Developing Classroom Dialogue and Formative feedback Through Collective Video Reflection. The findings underpin our core beliefs that developing a positive culture of open dialogue about teaching and learning in schools will foster change in teachers’ thinking and practice, ultimately benefiting pupils.

The community of teachers who are taking part in IRIS Connect Film Club has now grown to over 8,000; their feedback is reinforced by the findings of the EEF’s report. We are committed to continually evolving the IRIS Connect platform and resources to deliver the professional learning opportunities that will have the greatest impact on classroom practice and pupil outcomes. We are delighted that the EEF is working towards funding a larger trial to demonstrate this impact.


Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive of the Education Endowment Foundation, said:

“Video technology has huge potential to support teacher development and help spread best practice across schools. However the challenge lies in harnessing it in ways that work well in the classroom and with teachers’ busy schedules.

“Our pilot study found promising evidence that teachers responded well to IRIS Connect. The vast majority believed that using the technology and going to the film clubs changed their practice. Most wanted to continue using it. The next step will be to find out if the programme can have an impact on pupil outcomes.”

Working closely with Whole Education and with input from the Universities of Cambridge and Leeds, IRIS Connect Film Club was developed as a programme to embed a culture of independent learning amongst teachers and pupils.Film-Club-Posters-together

During the pilot project, teachers took part in six film clubs over six months which were supported with detailed guidance and videos in the IRIS Connect platform. These were designed to develop teachers’ thinking and practice in relation to classroom dialogue and higher-order feedback. As part of the process, teachers reviewed lessons from other schools as well as their own practice.

Christophe continues:

As highlighted in the DfE’s Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development, time needs to be allocated and prioritised by school leaders for teachers to engage in effective, on-going professional learning. Video makes CPD time more flexible and efficient. This report shows that when appropriately planned and prioritised, video based CPD can have a real impact on teachers thinking, practice and confidence.”

The report coincides with recent analysis of the Department for Education’s consistent financial reporting framework (CFR) data that shows schools regularly using IRIS Connect spend on average 8% less on cover teaching and 9% less on CPD compared to schools not using IRIS Connect.

Further benefits were highlighted in the analysis of Ofsted data (February 2017), which found that 64% of schools regularly using IRIS Connect improved by at least one Ofsted grade in the last inspection cycle, compared to 42.5% of other schools.

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