IRIS Connect is used to run lesson study project with 100+ teachers

One of the best secondary academies in the country, Tuxford Academy, are using IRIS Connect to conduct a school-wide Lesson Study project involving 105 teachers.

tuxford academy

Ten years ago they embarked upon a national college project in Lesson Study, using DVD cameras to facilitate it. After several years the project fizzled out because the technology proved ‘clunky, difficult to edit and not compatible with teachers workload.’ So they started looking into other solutions.

Seeing how IRIS Connect could overcome the challenges of the previous technology and enable them to easily support a large group of teachers to collaborate in a cost effective and time efficient way, they purchased the system.

Using the school’s whole school priorities as a guide, teachers have been asked to identify an area of their practice that they want to use IRIS Connect to improve and build it into their Personal Improvement Plans. People working on similar areas of improvement have been put into trios working across faculties. The aim is for everyone to feed into the whole school’s improvement through their personal improvement of the key priorities.

The study will conclude in June when the feedback and results will be shared via the school’s Teachers’ Toolkit, which is updated every year with the most useful IRIS Connect projects as strategies for teachers to try the following year.

Assistant Principal, Jamie Tegerdine says:

We’re trying to make it the norm for people to work together to develop their practise and IRIS Connect is one of the tools we use for that because it’s easy to use, it’s simple and it’s not judgemental. You can look at a video in your own time and you don’t have to share it with anyone. It fits with our school motto of ‘excellence through teamwork’, and our ethos of working together to reduce the workload. 

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