IRIS Connect joins Creative Classrooms Lab Project

IRIS Connect joins Creative Classrooms Lab Project Creative classrooms lab project and IRIS Connect

The project, run by Creative Classrooms Lab, will carry out a series of experiments on the implementation, impact and up-scaling of 1:1 pedagogical approaches using tablets. The evidence collected will enable policy makers to make more informed decisions around the use and integration of tablets.

Coordinated by European Schoolnet, the project will act as an ideas lab bringing together policy makers, innovative teachers and technology suppliers, to jointly develop ways of how tablets can support new learning and teaching methods. The project will focus on how practice is changing as a result of tablets being used for collaboration, personalisation and active learning.

The project involves nine Ministries of Education across Europe and 45 teachers and classrooms that are already making use of tablets. IRIS Connect will be used in five schools to capture, compare and share lessons including the innovative use of tablets, in order to determine effective uses and methods of integration, as well as to produce examples of good practice.

Lessons drawn from the policy experimentations will also:

  • Provide guidelines, examples of good practice and a training course for schools wishing to include tablets as part of their ICT strategy.
  • Support capacity building within Ministries of Education and regional educational authorities and encourage them to introduce changes in their education systems.
  • Enable policy makers to foster large-scale uptake of the innovative practice that is observed during the project.

Find out more about the project at Creative Classrooms Lab

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