IRIS Connect facilitates teacher collaboration and sharing across 5 countries

Creative Classrooms Lab News 2015Creative Classrooms Lab project: Teacher collaboration and sharing across 5 countries 

The Creative Classrooms Lab project (CCL) brought together teachers and policy-makers from 8 countries to design, implement and evaluate 1:1 tablet scenarios in 45 schools across Europe.

The project produced learning scenarios and activities, guidelines and recommendations to help policy-makers and schools make informed decisions on implementing 1:1 initiatives in schools and for the effective integration of tablets into teaching and learning.

Funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme and coordinated by European Schoolnet, the project ran from April 2013 to May 2015, with the University of Wolverhampton responsible for the observation and documentation of practice.

10 associate partners from Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Belgium (Wallonia), Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom were involved in the project.

As an associate partner, IRIS Connect were responsible for facilitating the collaboration and sharing of best practice between a group of teachers from 5 countries, focusing on self-reflection, peer-to-peer reflection and feedback.

IRIS Connect was identified as the only cloud-based, online platform and mobile video system at that time which would allow teachers to easily record their teaching and share lessons with others in a virtual space that is private and secure.

Diana Bannister, MBE, University of Wolverhampton

The CCL project teachers from Belgium Flanders, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania and Slovenia reported that it was very easy to record lessons using IRIS Connect, and recognised how helpful the system was in getting feedback on their teaching.

Going forward – I am getting to where I want, I am in a better position to include other teachers. Now whilst testing IRIS Connect, I would like to use this to reflect with other teachers. Already after watching myself, I have made ten points about what I have to change in my lessons.

Simona Granfol, CCL project Lead Teacher, Slovenia

Download the full CCL project report here:

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