Action Research Project with IRIS Connect

Educational Teaching Alliance Launch Action Research Project with IRIS Connect

The project involves 6 trainee teachers, working across 3 federation schools and will span 4-5 weeks. Each trainee teacher has been asked to select an area of their practice to focus on and improve using various techniques like questioning and assessment.

The trainees have also been asked to video their practice using IRIS Connect as evidence of their work and will eventually share a snap shot with colleagues so they can discuss what has and hasn’t worked.

It is hoped that this will encourage the trainees to engage in pedagogical conversations, help them to pinpoint the methodology behind their practice, and will lead to IRIS Connect becoming a significant tool that they can use for CPD in their future careers.

‘I’m really excited about IRIS Connect and wish I had, had a tool like this when I was training to be a teacher,’ says Jacqui. ‘Trainee teachers are like a blank page in terms of expectations around professional development, making them the ideal candidates to introduce IRIS Connect too. The trainee teachers who are involved are already excited and positive about using video for CPD. As a Teaching School my hope is that other teachers within the alliance who are perhaps a little reticent, will see the positive results of this project with the trainees and catch on to what a great tool IRIS Connect can be.’

We’ll be catching up with Jacqui and speaking to some of the trainee teachers involved to find out how they’ve got on, later in the year. Keep an eye out on our blog for updates as the project progresses.

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