Education Consultant Interview

Education Consultant Interview

We recently caught up with Robert who previously worked across many schools with the Hackney Learning Trust providing support to schools and teachers utilising IRIS Connect for lesson observation, mentoring and coaching and professional Development.

A key feature of IRIS Connect is the unique opportunity it provides to create communities of practice in which reflection, sharing of best practice and peer support can be provided in an effective and non threatening manner.  It helps practitioners to develop in themselves and others the intensive professional skills which are key to achievement in the classroom.

Robert Fisher is an Education Consultant who worked across many schools with the Hackney Learning Trust providing support to schools and teachers and who embodied these features within his own work.

Robert has a keen interest and passion in teacher professional development. He makes explicit the inherent professionalism of teachers and their wish to improve teaching and learning, and so we were very interested to hear what prompted Robert to utilise IRIS Connect to support individual teacher goals and schools overall professional development objectives.

Here is a snapshot into Robert’s thoughts upon the importance of CPD, effective practice principles and the value of IRIS Connect.

As an Education Consultant what prompted you to utilise IRIS Connect?

“There was a need to have a CPD tool which was mobile and flexible with the ability be moved from classroom to classroom and school to school.  I believe teachers want to improve, they want CPD, but they also want it to be fair and interactive.  With IRIS Connect, teachers have the chance to view, reflect, change and evaluate at any time with varying degrees of sharing a key feature in reflective CPD.”

 What makes IRIS Connect a powerful tool to utilise for CPD practices?

“I have no doubt a tool such as IRIS Connect, giving objective feedback via video,  must be used in CPD. Perception and judgement are subjective, seeing what others see is crucial, understanding how we are seen is the key to reflection and change. IRIS gives remote operation, easy measures and timings, online security and sharing. It’s a great CPD tool and I will be using it with teachers who want to improve.”

We would like to thank Robert for his dedication to teaching and learning and look forward to hearing about his CPD work later in the year, incorporating IRIS Connect.

If you would like to know more about Robert Fishers continuing professional development work utilising IRIS Connect contact : 08453 038 578

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