Add comments to your video, while you teach


Announcing a powerful update to the IRIS Connect Discovery Kit

We chose to use iPods for our latest Discovery Kit microphone for a specific reason: to open up opportunities for you to interact with your video live, as it’s recording. What was previously just a high quality microphone, is now becoming a powerful professional learning aid.

Our first update on this journey allows you to add comments to your reflection whilst you’re still teaching. This will save you time when reviewing the video later on and help you to focus reflection and feedback to key points of your video.

There are two quick and easy ways to add comments using the app:discovery kit app comments

1. Shake to comment

Simply shake the iPod to drop a note on the video timeline, ideal if you want to quickly pinpoint a certain moment in time without having to type a thing.

2. Type a comment

If you want to make a more specific note about a key interaction or event, you can type a comment and add it directly to the video timeline.

How to access to this tool

If you have a Discovery Kit 6, which uses iPods as microphones, you just need to update the IRIS Connect app on your devices (go to the app store on each device).

If don’t have a Discovery Kit with iPods as microphones then consider an upgrade. The Discovery Kit 6 brings improved audio quality, increased ease of use and automatic updates such as this one. Contact us to find out how to upgrade.

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