Danish University harnesses the power of video

Danish University raises the bar on ITT and CPD provision with IRIS Connect

The VIA University College are at the forefront of research and development into effective professional development for teachers, building upon an already collaborative ethos within the Danish Education system. Danish teacher education, which over four year’s combines theoretical studies and school placements, is increasing the focus on teacher’s ability to analyse and research teaching.

The University is implementing IRIS Connect to help balance the normative and analytical elements of teacher training and to bridge the gap between theory and practice. IRIS Connect will be used initially to support students in their final year of study to focus upon their teaching placement and subsequent bachelor project.

"We are very much looking forward to exploring IRIS Connect because it has the potential of qualifying Danish teacher education considerably"

~ Annemette Heine Wullum, IT Pedagogy Co-ordinator

The student’ school teaching will be recorded by means of IRIS Connect,  making it the object of analysis and reflection for the individual student teacher, a peer and teacher educators. All three parties will make use of the commentary and feedback functionalities within the system and use it as a means to communicate with each other.

This new innovative project will examine the extent to which individual student teachers’ understands analysis of, and reflection on, teaching practice. This is qualified through individual reflection as well as peer and teacher educator feedback. Furthermore, the customizable observation tools within IRIS Connect will enable students and professors to qualify their understanding of reflection.

The University also intends to broaden the scope of their investigation to consider the potential of IRIS Connect in the context of continuing professional development, including in-service training. “We see great opportunities in having teachers use the various software applications when analysing their own teaching, mentoring or supervising each other as well sharing their experiences – within and across borders”. (Annemette Heine Wullum, IT Pedagogy Co-ordinator) IRIS Connect provides a number of valuable tools that can help support the development of the student’s teaching research competence and therefore creates a more fruitful synthesis between theory and practice.

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