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*surveyed in a research project by MirandaNet Fellowship

IRIS Connect helps to overcome timetabling constraints. I don't think many people have ever had the time to visit other schools to share ideas, but with IRIS Connect we can develop our expertise beyond Hemsworth."
- Alison Liversage, Teaching and Learning Leader, Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy
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"It's been the greatest PD tool I've come across during the 11 years of my career. I sincerely believe that it's the future."
- Anna Ellis, English Teacher, Whitcliffe Mount
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"It's been a worthwhile investment for me in supporting support staff's professional development, as well as their drive and commitment to achieving excellence."
- Peter Spencer, Headteacher, Queen Elizabeth High School
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"I can be in multiple rooms at the same time without actually being there."
- Desiree Hall, Teacher and Coach, West Hills STEM Academy
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Inspiring Case Studies

Over 2,500 schools and universities are using IRIS Connect to drive improvement through teacher-led professional learning. Through our platform they collaborate to improve outcomes and tap into the excellence that exists within and beyond their organisation, in a way that saves precious time and money. Explore our case studies and discover the impact that video-enabled PD has for mentors, teachers and their learners.

Tuxford Teacher

Excellence Through Teamwork

- Tuxford Academy, Newark (UK)
Oak Hill Academy Students

Strong Coaching Culture

- Oak Hill Academy, London (UK)
Elegant Teacher with Students

Supporting Student Teachers’ Practical Expertise

- JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Students sitting at a table collaborating

Enriched Professional Learning Culture

- Horizon College, The Netherlands
University of Twente in The Netherlands

Enhanced Teacher Training

- University of Twente, The Netherlands

A Multi-Academy Trust’s Story

- Windsor Academy Trust, Halesowen (UK)

Supporting Research

Decades of research shows that, to help teachers to grow, we must think of professional development as a collective process rather than an event. We must support teachers to collaboratively engage with theory, modeling, feedback and coaching in the context of their own classrooms. However, practical barriers like timetables and distance often get in the way. IRIS Connect removes these barriers, enabling cost-effective, impactful, professional learning at scale. Here’s some of the latest research confirming the effectiveness of our solution:

EEF iPad Logo

Guidance Report on Effective Professional Development

Based on a meta-analysis of over 100 educational research papers, the Education Endowment Foundation published comprehensive guidance on effective professional development. This research shows that there are 14 mechanisms (grouped in 4 categories) that make PD effective. Through IRIS Connect you can enable all of these mechanisms in your school, providing an effective PD solution for your teachers.

Read the full report here >

Birmingham Uni

A Rapid Review of Remote and Blended Teacher Education

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Birmingham undertook a rapid evidence assessment to see if effective teacher education could be achieved in remote and blended programmes, including solutions like IRIS Connect.

Read the full report here >

Substituting In-Person Classroom Observations Through Video

The Best Foot Forward Project led by the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University investigated whether video technology can make the classroom observation process easier to implement, less costly, and more valid and reliable.

Read the full report here >

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