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  2. Complete the 20 minute background reading on the Film Club topic.
  3. Join the Zoom meeting where you will explore high-impact teaching strategies and undertake collaborative tasks with fellow educators from across the IRIS Connect community.
  4. Reflect on teaching and learning in your own classroom or online teaching environment (optional).

IRIS Connect Film Club is designed to inspire meaningful conversations about teaching and learning and have a real impact on learning outcomes. Harnessing the power of video, our online cpd programme helps you to link the theory and research with real teaching practice. Develop your reflective skills and discuss your findings with fellow educators from around the world. Born out of our research project with the EEF, Film Club helps teachers to analyse and discuss teaching and learning more effectively, successfully developing a culture of openness and trust.

It’s such a simple idea; getting teachers together to watch clips and then talk about what they see. It’s got our teachers talking about teaching and learning – exchanging ideas and strategies as well as trialling new methods and ways of teaching. It’s made professional learning fun and easy and, as a result, our culture has become more collaborative and open.

Claire Phillips, Deputy Headteacher, Ainslie Wood Primary School

Choose from these available topics of our online webinars for teachers

Instruction and Practice

Instruction & Practice

  • Consider the implications of Cognitive Load Theory for instructional strategies.
  • Reflect on examples of instructional practice, connect with other teachers, discuss ideas and review your own instructional practice in light of what has been learned.



  • Link theory, research and practice to understand how questioning concepts relate to teaching practice and formative assessment.
  • Consider the impact of different questioning styles and techniques used for the purpose of formative assessment, and understand their overall effectiveness in your teaching environment.

Dialogue and Oracy

Dialogue & Oracy

  • Consider the importance of whole class dialogue for the development of effective talk between learners.
  • Discuss what it takes to facilitate effective talk in groups.
  • Think about ways in which you can support learners with different types of talk.

Assessment and Feedback

Assessment & Feedback

  • Discover different feedback approaches used for the purpose of achieving specific outcomes.
  • Discuss what effective feedback looks like.
  • Consider how classroom talk, questioning, pupil talk and effective feedback all link together?

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Proven by research to have a positive impact on teachers professional development.


of teachers have found it an effective way to develop their practice

of teachers say it has helped them to discuss teaching and learning in more depth

It’s a place:

  • For constructive, professional dialogue
  • To collaborate, share and build knowledge
  • To give and receive constructive feedback
  • To focus on teaching and learning, not the teacher or the learner
  • For real practice, not best practice

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