IRIS Connect fuels Educational Service Agencies

On average, districts spend $18,000 per year, per teacher on professional development. Despite this, most teachers don’t improve year to year.

The reason?

Most of the PD provided isn’t very helpful. Teachers are not being given clear information about their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve their instruction.

(The Mirage Report, 2015)

Let us help you change that

How we do it

Cost-effective, remote coaching

Remote observation, feedback and coaching: Coach teachers throughout large service areas without the expense of travel. Highly effective coaching becomes ongoing and part of teachers’ daily lives.

Support program implementation

Without follow-up, programs often fail to achieve impact. Support implementation with remote observation and feedback that ensures program outcomes.

Flipped classrooms? Why not flip PD?

Record videos of ESA seminars, workshops and presentations, available to watch anytime. Annotate with time-linked notes for detail and insight. Engage in online discussions. Enable teachers to watch workshops on-demand and collaborate with colleagues.

Become a partner of IRIS Connect and generate revenue

Provide IRIS Connect to your schools at an exclusive, discounted rate.
Enable teachers to self-reflect, observe models and receive feedback & coaching as they progress toward their own professional learning goals.

Get access to film clubs, collaborative PD activities focused on developing self-regulating, independent learners.
We provide background reading, video examples, discussion questions and reflective activities.

Develop a video library of standards-aligned teaching practices

Videos bring written standards to life by providing authentic, local examples that teachers can see in practice. Using time-linked annotations, help teachers gain a deeper understanding of the standards by explicating the things you can’t see in video.

We help ESAs create and curate these videos into an invaluable resource. Generate revenue by offering schools access to these video libraries.

Make expertise more available

Enable educators throughout your region to collaborate with experts, watching and providing feedback on the teaching practice of others.

Teaching and learning in action


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