Transform your lesson observations

Effective lesson observations should empower teachers and fuel a culture of trust where rapid improvements in the quality of teaching and learning can occur. It’s key to all of the highest impact professional learning activities, including:

  • Objective self-reflection
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Peer observation

Because we can look at video reflections in non-contact time, I have reduced my need to cover staff to observe one another or observe good practice. – Claire Temple, Headteacher at Sandbrook Primary School


3 ways video can improve your lesson observations

Video is a powerful tool for enabling a more supportive and developmental approach to lesson observation. Video helps you to:


Make time 

Film lessons and share with others so they can then review and provide feedback in their own time. All without having to arrange lesson cover for in-class lesson observations.


Take ownership

Observe and reflect on the teaching and learning in your own lessons. Feel in control with the option to share video clips with peers and request feedback and support when you need it.

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Improve feedback

Focus feedback on real events, not recollection with the option to pause, rewind and re-watch. Focus dialogue, give context to feedback and see improvements over time.

Take a look at the video tools you can use to improve your observations >

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“We use IRIS Connect for non-judgemental lesson observation. There are 9 reviewers on the team reviewing over 100 teachers. If we were to get cover in every time we wanted to see a lesson or a part of a lesson then the cost would be prohibitive.” – Nigel Currie, Huntington School


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