Make coaching and mentoring more effective

Coaching supports rapid improvements in the classroom. If professional learning opportunities only consist of seminars and workshops, only 5% of teachers will implement new strategies in their classroom. When blended with more contextualised learning opportunities, crucially including coaching, around 95% of teachers are able to make sustainable changes.

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Coaching benefits schools by:

  • Helping teachers implement improvements in classroom practice
  • Sharing the expertise of others (whether the coach is an external consultant or an internal member of staff)
  • Encouraging a culture of trust and openness
  • Creating a process of continuous refinement to improve teaching and learning
  • Building positive relationships between staff

 “In my role as coach and mentor, IRIS Connect has been the most useful and powerful tool for improving teaching and learning quickly.” – Lisa Middleton, Assistant Headteacher, Oak Hill Academy

7 ways video can revolutionise coaching and mentoring in schools

Video overcomes the challenges associated with traditional coaching sessions.

  • Fit coaching around busy timetables
  • Make significant financial savings on lesson cover and travel costs
  • Increase capacity to deliver more coaching support in less time
  • Provide richer, contextualised feedback
  • Make discussions objective, based on what really happened rather than recollections or conflicting accounts
  • Avoid disrupting classroom dynamics with an in-class observer; this will increase authenticity
  • Empower teachers with the ability to peer coach each other when it suits them

Take a look at the video tools you can use to improve coaching >

Go live! Try remote coaching for immediate impact

Live remote coaching is a high impact, accelerated form of professional development. During a session, a coach (based in another room, school or even country) provides a teacher with real-time support as a lesson happens. The teacher can ask for guidance when needed and make immediate improvements.  Find out more >

“When I used IRIS Connect’s live remote coaching, I felt like a carpenter discovering powertools for the first time.” – Mike Fleetham, Expert Coach and Consultant

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Could video coaching help you?

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  • Understand how video coaching can help you
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  • Discover 10 areas of coaching that video will revolutionise

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