We make great CPD affordable and scalable

For superior learning outcomes, we improve CPD for schools & teachers. Our technology makes high impact CPD accessible and cost effective and our implementation support guarantees impact.


More effective professional learning

Access personalised, relevant and supportive professional learning opportunities shown to be effective at improving learning outcomes in your classroom.

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Create a culture for success

Develop professional capital and drive improved CPD using in-house expertise; increasing the impact and reducing the cost of professional development.

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Connect the profession

Tap into the experience and expertise of other professionals, system leaders and researchers at fraction of the cost.

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“I’m impressed by how IRIS Connect can be used for in-house CPD when budgets are tight.” 
Julie Turner, Deputy Head at The HollinsTechnology College



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Effective teachers make all the difference for young people

During one year with a very effective teacher, pupils gain 40% more in their learning than they would with a poorly performing teacher (Sutton Trust, 2011). Our aim is to give teachers access to all of the opportunities shown to improve CPD and therefore classroom practice.

Decades of research show that simply going on a course is not enough.  We developed our platform to provide teachers with every component of effective CPD, from access to theory, to coaching and collaboration over distance.

As a global leader of professional learning technology, IRIS Connect has reduced the cost, increased the impact and revolutionised the way that teachers, schools and the system drive improvement.

Professional learning platform

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