Academy Trusts

Working with Academy Trusts since 2009

We work with many Multi Academy Trusts, both large and small, to support them in improving individual schools in their network and creating a shared teaching and learning vision across their Trust.

Our cloud based professional learning platform enables Trusts to:

  • Host, organise and share teaching and learning video clips and supporting content
  • Give every teacher in every school the tools to record, analyse and share their practice
  • Create and join new Groups in the platform so teachers can build professional learning networks


“Two schools have created cross-school Groups in the IRIS Connect platform that allow peer-coaching between teachers of the same year groups across the two schools, which are 80 miles apart” 
Rachel Tizard, Director of Learning at The Kemnal Academies Trust


Using IRIS Connect, The Kemnal Academies Trust have:tkat logo

  • Overcome geographical limitations of 41 academies spread out over 8 local authorities
  • Enabled peer-coaching between teachers 80 miles apart
  • Empowered the development and sharing of resources across the Trust
  • Enhanced their NQT induction programme
  • Increased teacher confidence
  • Improved participation in research and development
  • Allowed for effortless dissemination of R&D findings


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