Easy to use lesson recording technology

Our lesson recording technology gives you everything you need to capture teaching and learning simply, easily and securely; so you can concentrate on more important things.


iris connect video technology app


Designed with busy teachers in mind, each camera is simple to set up, use and transport; taking the hassle out of lesson recording.

iris connect video security


We take safeguarding and security seriously. All videos are automatically uploaded directly to your private account in the IRIS Connect platform, ready to reflect on or share later.

iris connect powerful platform


When coupled with our professional learning platform, our video recording systems give you everything you need for life-long professional learning.

Teacher using lesson recording technology, iPad


The IRIS Connect Discovery Kit

The latest Discovery Kit’s combination of dual view technology and new high quality audio recording, ensure you capture every interaction in your classroom.

“Having used the latest Discovery Kit it’s clear the tracking base is not necessary.  The picture quality is much improved and I like that you can position the microphone with groups of pupils to hear them more clearly.”

Nicola Mason, Chase Terrace Technology College


Setting up the Discovery Kit is quicker than making a cup of tea! Watch the video…can you beat the 54 second challenge?


The LiveView Camera

With our LiveView camera, you can engage in live remote coaching; a proven and powerful way to rapidly improve outcomes for learners.

“I’ve found the in-ear coaching facility absolutely enlightening. It’s allowed me to make changes to my lessons instantly and have a real impact on learning.”

Kate Reed, History Teacher

Find out how it works

• Schedule a live observation with your coach via the IRIS Connect platform
• Using the 360 degree pan, tilt and zoom, the remote coach can navigate around the whole classroom from wherever they are, be it a different room, school or even country
• The coach can provide immediate feedback remotely via the teacher’s ear-piece
• And add time-stamped comments to the video
• The video is stored in your private account, for reflection and sharing later on

LiveView Camera Video Technology

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