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We’re always on the look-out for interesting and practical teaching and learning blogs, the latest research about professional learning. Keep up to date with discussions around effective professional learning and developmental lesson observation:

Professional Learning Bulletins from IRIS Connect

Archived CPD Round Up magazines:

July 2015

May 2015

  • Why confident teachers are better teachers
  • How to build a sense of self-efficacy
  • The new wave of teacher observation

April 2015

  • The most powerful CPD tool at your disposal
  • A new report on the future of CPD
  • What Vivienne Porritt believes makes truly professional development

February 2015

  • Four things Sir Tim Brighouse thinks should be at the heart of CPD
  • The importance of developing collaboration within and between schools
  • Free downloadable guide to using video for ITE

December 2014

  • Exclusive interview with John Hattie
  • Case Study: Maintaining Outstanding
  • Discover what makes great teaching

October 2014

  • Don’t worry; be happy and see better outcomes
  • Case Study: From special measures to outstanding in 2 years
  • How can you be a happier teacher & see your students achieve more?

July 2014

  • What the UK education system can learn from high performing systems around the world?
  • Why do we need to encourage and facilitate sharing between teachers?
  • IRIS Connect hits the headlines on ITV News

 May 2014

  • What does Tim Brighouse say makes a great school?
  • Research looking and active learning
  • Top blogs and ideas for Teaching Schools


April 2014

  • What David Weston would like to say to every Headteacher
  • 5 top blogs on the observation grading debate
  • Latest and greatest video CPD case studies

February 2014

  • We take a look Professor Robert Coe’s inaugural lecture on effective school improvement
  • Case Studies: Discover how two schools are using IRIS Connect to accelerate progress and support teachers
  • 5 blogs to get you fired up this term


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